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How to book a quality inspection or exempt your provider from it
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A quality inspection is necessary for several reasons, the main one being to make sure the products you receive are of high quality, enabling you to sell them to your customer without any fuss. Therefore, when starting a collaboration with a new supplier we always recommend doing a quality inspection. Below you'll find a short walk through our platform that explains in more depth how it all works 🕵️



During the order creation you'll find a section called Quality Inspection and this is where you need to upload documentation regarding the quality of the supplier you are collaborating with.  


If you don't already have a quality inspection report, you'll need to book a quality inspection. We recommend using our friends at Sofeast for this and have linked to their website directly on our platform. If you prefer to use an other provider that is also of course okay.


However, if you have worked with your supplier previously and can guarantee that their goods live up to the expected standard, you can also exempt them from the quality inspection by uploading 4 previously paid invoices. You do that by clicking on Go to supplier and upload the invoices through there. After you've uploaded the invoices our operations team will have a look at them and mark them as exempted if everything looks okay. You'll get an email once all is done with the confirmation that you can proceed with your order.



Are you still having questions that were not answered by this guide? Reach out to our Customer Support team and ask them for help! You can start a chat with them through the platform or send them an email to

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