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How to repay Treyd
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Okay, so we've paid your supplier and now it's time for you to repay us. Below you'll find some information that might be good to know before placing your first repayment back to us. Happy reading! ✌️



Our invoices may look different depending on the financing partner you've been assigned. A good thing to know is that the design, and most importantly, payment details may vary from one invoice to another. Therefore it is very important to keep an eye on the payment details found on each individual invoice. 


The only details you need to be able to place the payment are the ones listed below. You’ll find these on the invoice overview in the platform and in the pdf version of your invoice:


  • IBAN
  • Reference
  • Amount


Usually your bank automatically fetches all other necessary data when inserting the IBAN, but if you need to manually enter address and beneficiary bank, these are the details to use:


Treyd Services AB 
Regeringsgatan 38
111 56 Stockholm, Sweden


The payment should be made as an international payment and in the same currency as the invoice. Please make sure that all bank charges are paid by you (both for sending and receiving banks). Otherwise, the full amount may not be received by us, and we will be unable to mark the invoice as paid.


As soon as we have received the payment the invoice will be moved to the category “Closed” in the platform. When that happens you will also get the amount “back” to your credit limit and you’ll have more space to create new orders.


International payments can take up to five banking days to be received. If your invoice is still marked as "Open" after this time, please reach out to Customer Support through the chat on the platform or by email at

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