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How to create an order
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Yay, it's time for you to place your first order! ūüéČ


Below you'll find a short guide that will walk you through the process of creating an order in our new platform. Hopefully it'll come in handy when most needed. If you get stuck anywhere, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at any time. You'll find them via the chat on the platform or via email.


Happy Treyding! ‚úĆÔłŹ



The new order creation is split up in 4 sections; Supplier invoice, Treyd payout, Deposit and Supplier. In some cases, also quality inspection. We'll go through all sections in this guide. 



Supplier invoice

This is the section where you need to enter all information regarding the invoice you want us ot finance, all fields except the ‚Äúsupplier invoice due date‚ÄĚ are required.




The payout is a new section compared to how it looked on the old platform. Here you should specify the total amount you want Treyd to pay your supplier. 




In this section you have to select if a deposit has been paid or not. Deposit as a whole is optional but if you have selected that you have paid a deposit, you are required to specify the amount and upload a proof of payment.



How it looks when you select that you have not paid a deposit



How it looks when you select that you have paid a deposit. You can also choose to upload one or several deposit proof of payments



Here you need to choose which supplier you want us to send the payment to. You need to select the supplier from the dropdown list.


If you don't have a supplier saved yet or need to create a new one you need to add them in the "Supplier" section. If you click on the purple text "suppliers page" you'll be redirected there automatically



Quality inspection

An update with our new platform is that all quality inspections need to be booked by your own account. If a quality inspection is necessary for your supplier, you'll be asked to upload an inspection report.


We recommend using Sofeast as a trusted partner, therefore we link to their website. If you prefer to use an other provider that is also of course okay.


If you have worked with your supplier previously and can guarantee their goods live up to the expected standard, you can also exempt them from a quality control by uploading 4 previously paid invoices.




Order review

Once you're happy with your input in the order creation, you move on to the next step which is review. This is where you should review all the data provided before you confirm the payment. If you have sign alone rights you'll be able to sign the order yourself, if not you can request a signature from another user.


Before signing the order, you need to provide us with (minimum) one invoicing email, as seen above



And now you're all set! ūüĆü We will proceed with the order review and send your payment ASAP. If you want to know what the different statuses your order can be in before actually being paid out, here¬†you'll find a guide for that.¬†



Remember you can reach out to our Customer Support team at any time if you need any help! Start a chat through the platform or send them an email to


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