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After submitting an order
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After you've submitted your order it is time for us to review it and then send out the payment to your supplier.


On our new platform we have added more statuses to increase transparency and let you know where in the process your order is. In the picture above you'll see an example of how this can look for you. The different statuses are also listed below:


Waiting for approval (means your order is under review)

Payout scheduled (means the payment to your supplier is scheduled)

Payout processing (means the payment to your supplier is processing)

Payout sent (means the payment to your supplier has left our bank)

Invoice sent (means we have sent you the invoice for repayment)

Overdue (means the invoice for repayment to Treyd is overdue)

Collection (means we have sent your overdue invoice to collections)

Paid (means you have paid the repayment invoice)

Sent back/Returned (means the order has been sent back to draft)

Rejected (means we have rejected your order)

Canceled (means we have cancelled your order)




If you have any questions regarding your order and its status, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team at any time. Start a chat through the platform or send them an email to

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